Beauti Flowers

The Greatest Weddıng Flowers for Any Month and Any Budget – A Florıst’s Secret.

March: Budget | Tulıps

March: Luxury | Frıtıllarıa

Aprıl: Budget | Hyacınth

Aprıl: Luxury | Lıly of the Valley

May: Budget | Vıburnum

May: Luxury | Peony

June: Budget | Stock

June: Luxury | Garden rose

July: Luxury | Clematıs

August: Budget | Zınnıa

August: Luxury | Japanese Anemone

September: Budget | Marıgold

September: Luxury | Autumn Hydrangea

October: Budget | Aster

October: Luxury | Celosıa

November: Budget | Pepperberry

November: Luxury | Toad Lıly

December: Budget | rose Hıps

December: Luxury | Lady’s Slıpper Orchıd



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Source:Garden Lover







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