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10 of the Best Flowering Succulents for Your Garden and Home

Succulents are a popular cactus plant that comes in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and textures. Succulents are one-of-a-kind plants that can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Maintenance is also simple, with only a bright light requires when in use. Most succulent look stunning when adorned with showy flowers. Here are a few examples:

Christmas cactus

Christmas cacti are popular thanksgiving plants that are often owned when Christmas arries. Low-maintenance succulent plant that is dependable and hardy. Throughout the year, only partial light is required. Because it requires complete darkness to produce new shoots, this plant will bloom again indoors in September.


The moss rose, also known as portulaca, is an annual plant that requires little care and bloom every day for a long time. This plant grows well outside and can be propagated from seeds. For a home garden, the flowers is delicate and its color will not saturate; it prefers full sun and frequent watering.


This erect, low-growing perennial variental plant has a lovely pink hues. it does not require a lot of resources; all it requires is full sunlight.

Old lady cactus

This cactus is one of the simplest plants to grow and does will indoors. The round and distinct shape has a fuzzy texture similar to white fur. This succulent will produce a ring of pink flowers from late winter to early spring. It is suitable for watering on a regular basis around the windowsill.


This western North American ornamental flower is an alpine wildflower that can withstand cold temperatures. The plant has dark green leaves, apricot flowers, and a lovely pink hue. If you provide adequate lighting, this plant will be stunning in the spring and summer.


Kalanchoe is a lovely plant with variegated color cocoa flowers. This plant can live for weeks, but it is extremely difficult to rebloom. Kalanchoe is used as a gift plant and is composted once the bloom fades. Place in a well-lit area and only water when the soil is dry.

Peanut cactus

This clump cactus is adorable with its unique shape and lovely flowers. It thrives indoors and requires full sun in a frost-free zone when grown outdoors. It has a long, curved leaf stem that measures about 12 inches in length.


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